Home viewings are now permitted, but many people are still concerned as to the correct Covid-19-aware etiquette when hosting or seeking to look round a property.

We’ve listed some advice below for both parties to ensure happy sellers and happy buyers during this uncertain period.


House viewing tips for the seller

You want your house to be clean and tidy for prospective buyers regardless of Covid-19, but at this time, be extra vigilant about cleaning, particularly areas which those viewing your property may touch, such as doorbells and door handles.

Ventilation is key, so open your windows to boost ventilation prior to the viewing – obviously be mindful of the weather!

Before your viewers arrive, open internal doors, loft hatches and anything else you think they may wish to see, to minimise any unnecessary contact.

Don’t be scared of asking people to sanitise their hands before entering your property. Have some hand sanitiser ready by the door for them to use on the way in and out if they wish. Don’t think it appears cheeky, remember, they are probably just as apprehensive as you are!

Remember to keep to the required 2m distance from viewers at all times and have a plan of where you can go while they look around.

Once the viewing is complete, the viewer may have some questions for you. If you have an outdoor space that allows you to distance yourselves while you talk, great, if not, why not set up a follow-up phone or video call.

If you agree a deal right there and then DO NOT be tempted to shake hands!

When the viewing is over, clean handles and doors again with an antibacterial cleaner.

And finally, if you or a member of your household displays any symptoms of Covid-19 before the viewing takes place, please postpone until you feel save to do so.


House viewing tips for the buyer

No matter your mode of transport, try to arrive on time; the seller has gone to the trouble of preparing their home for you with the necessary precautions. Plus, you may be one of a few viewings that day, and right now there is no room for cross overs.

Be ready with a list of questions to ask – this may be your only viewing, so make it count! Take a pen and paper or use your phone to make notes.

The seller may have hand sanitiser and soap available; but they also may not. Take with you your own little kit – sanitiser, soap, disposable gloves and face mask – so that you feel comfortable that you have taken all the necessary precautions.

If it’s warm and you think you may need a drink, take one with you – you can’t ask the seller for one, so it’s good to have just in case.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0808 2317672 or email info@alexandergrace-law.co.uk.

Click here to read the official government guidance on buying or selling your house during this time. Administration

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