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I qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives in 2005 having studied whilst working full time in the legal profession since 1998

I started working as a junior at a local firm and spent many happy years working there. The lawyer who inspired me (who I curse and credit to this day ) to become a qualified lawyer is still practising locally and was, and still is, a great inspiration to me. I am forever grateful for the start (push) he gave me on the ladder to commence my professional career. Studying whilst working full time and running a household was a challenge, to say the least, but I am glad that I stuck it out and qualified.


Life Interests

I have been married to David for 14 years and we have two children, Emily and Grace. In my spare time I have a keen interest in photography – wherever I am my camera will be not far behind. We spend a large portion of our time poolside whilst Emily fulfils her competitive swimming path. We are hoping we have a future national swimmer in the making!


Leadership , Core Skills

I have worked at a few different firms throughout the years, facing different challenges, gaining a lot of experience and making many friends along the way. I have also developed a lot of good relationships with local estate agents, referrers and lawyers from firms around the area. I am a people person and enjoy dealing with the general public. I probably have a reputation for talking a bit too much at times but I would argue that it dispels clients’ concerns and puts them at ease. Forming these relationships are what make my job worth doing and it is something I pride myself on. The best part of the job for me is ringing a client and saying “congratulations you are now a homeowner”.